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Valentine's + Versace

Feb-14-12  |  Weddings
I'm not sure I subscribe to all the hype that tends to accompany Valentine's Day, however, I am completely on board with the idea of a day devoted to LOVE. It isn't that I don't like chocolate or flowers, but rather I think a lot of the genuine meaning behind such a day is sometimes lost in a blur of pink and red. Often, it is the smaller things that can truly mean more; a home cooked meal, a handwritten note or your significant other remembering something little, but important to you. I adore the idea of everyone taking a day to remember what doesn't make the world go round, but rather what makes the ride worth while. And on that note, it seems wildly appropriate that we devote today on this blog, to another day completely about love.... 
Nadya and Jesse planned their destination wedding from their home in New York City and chose the famous Versace Mansion (now known as Villa by Barton G ) as the backdrop for their black tie celebration. There was no doubt that the couple and their guests brought their Manhattan style with them to Miami. With everyone dressed to the nines and both Nadya and Jesse debuting not just one, but TWO wedding looks- it was a wedding full of style candy. From a heartfelt exchange of vows (that involved sharing how each immediate family member had influenced their lives), to the late night, full blown dance party; it was a one of a kind day to remember- and definitely chock-full of love....

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what magazine is hitting stands TODAY and featuring this gorgeous duo!

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