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San Ysidro Ranch

Aug-21-15  |  Engagements, Personal
San Ysidro Ranch, Montecito California
'Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.' 
-Mary Oliver 
See more of this San Ysidro Ranch engagement session here.

Paris in the Springtime

Jun-17-15  |  Personal, Travel
Paris Louvre

This April, Chad and I stopped in Paris for a few days while on our way to Amsterdam for the European Wedding Congress. Our previous trips to Paris involved mostly working and in our free time seeing as many of the 'must see' museums and attractions as possible. This trip we decided to leave our agenda open and we took the time to wander the city and let the days unfold before us. Or as they say in France; Flâneur: one who strolls around aimlessly but enjoyably, observing life and their surroundings.
Paris Buildings

Strolling Paris

Cafe Odette

Paris Flower Shop

Luxembourg Gardens
We also met one of my favorite authors, John Baxter, who is an Australian born writer who has been living in Paris for 25 years. Having spent over two decades in France, John has fascinating insight into daily life in Paris and also shares stories of Paris in the 1920's and the writers and artists who congregated there during that time. He offers literary walking tours to share his knowledge and stories of Paris all while strolling through the historic and fascinating neighborhood of Montparnasse. We spent the morning seeing firsthand the cafes and streets that lured the famous writers of the time and exploring the Luxembourg Gardens.
Author John Baxter
Luxembourg Gardens, Paris
Le Dome, Paris
Luxembourg Gardens, Paris
Rue de l'Odeon Paris
We concluded our walk with a beautiful Parisian lunch prepared by John himself at his terrace apartment on Rue de l'Odeon on the Left Bank. We ate surrounded by a sea of books and listened to John's stories of adventures in France present and long ago...

Cafe Degustation
The Louvre, Paris

KT Merry in Paris
A rare self portrait of us. This one involved propping a Contax on my bag (in the rain) while using the timer to actuate the shutter.
Paris from the Left Bank
Le Seine, Paris

We have found staying in an apartment in Paris truly allows you to soak in daily Parisian life and get off the beaten path. This trip we stayed in a lovely building built in 1730 in the 3rd Arrondissement village of Marais booked through Special Apartments Paris. We also visited the charming neighborhood of Montmarte, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and L'isle La Cite with our Parisian friend and photographer Greg Finck who took a few photos of us along the way...  
merci Greg!
Le Seine, Paris
Le Seine, Paris by KT Merry
Each visit to Paris I peel back one more layer to discover another alluring aspect of the city and always leave feeling inspired and connected to history. It's one of my favorite cities to explore and I look forward to a lifetime of trying to discover everything it has to offer.

Another Year; a New Promise

May-24-15  |  Personal, Inspirations
Wedding cake for Flutter Magazine by KT Merry
'Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.' -unknown 
As I blow out a candle and welcome a new year I have never been more inspired or enlivened to see what the coming year will bring. Today, with you as a witness, I would like to make a pinky promise and to set an intention for the next 365 days...  
This year I promise to live outside of my comfort zone; to challenge what I know as an artist; as a person; to say yes to new adventures; to give back; to share; to take a deep breath; to appreciate those who love me; to be kind; to be brave and above all, to live.  
Thank you for joining me for the journey... 
Image for the Astrology Edition of Flutter Magazine // Tabletop by Small Masterpiece

And so it begins..

Jan-02-15  |  Personal
seagull image, film, ocean
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. - Helen Keller 
And just like that we are saying goodbye to another year and 2015 begins. I cannot wait to see what it has in store... let the adventures begin!

Oh Beautiful Adventure

Nov-25-14  |  Personal, Inspirations
Gardnerville Nevada, Fine Art Wedding Photography, Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer
We are torn between nostalgia for the familiar and an 
urge for the foreign and strange. As often as not, we are  
homesick most for the places we have never known.  
It's been a beautiful summer of travel and spending a few moments between in my home state of Nevada. The landscapes are something to inspire... As we travel back across the country it will surely remain in my dreams. Very grateful for so many things this week... 

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Andy + Adam

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Provence Love

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